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Get Your Samsung Galaxy A8+ Repaired Quickly By the Mobile Phone Repair Experts at Mobile Defender in Perth

Picture of Samsung galaxy S21 UltraWith its expansive 6” Super AMOLED display, refined metal/glass build, and capable performance, the Galaxy A8+ delivers a premium phablet experience. But daily wear leads to cracked screens, distorted OLED issues, rear camera failures, unresponsive buttons, battery charging problems, and other maintenance issues requiring professional A8+ repair service. At Mobile Defender, we specialize in performing expert Samsung Galaxy fixes on models like the A8+. Our seasoned technicians can rapidly diagnose any lingering issues and professionally complete select repairs to fully restore A8+ functionality.








We offer complete repair services to fix common issues with Samsung Galaxy A8+ phones:


We offer complete repair services to fix common issues with Samsung Galaxy A8+ phones:

  • Screen Repair - We replace cracked screens when parts are available. Our screens are high quality.
  • Battery Replacement - We install new long-lasting batteries for improved battery life.
  • Rear Camera Repair - Attempt to fix issues with the main 16MP camera.
  • Power Button Repair - Endeavor to fix unresponsive power buttons.
  • Charging Port Repair - Try to repair broken charging ports.
  • Diagnostics - We troubleshoot issues and provide free estimates.
At Mobile Defender in Perth, we attempt A8+ repairs to prolong functionality when parts permit. Contact us for a free consultation!
Picture of Samsung galaxy S21
10 October 2023

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