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Case Study: iPhone 11 Pro Max Repair

The Ultimate Recovery: iPhone 11 Pro Max Front and Back Repair


It's not every day that an iPhone 11 Pro Max survives an encounter with a car, but at Mobile Defender, we're equipped for even the most extreme repair scenarios. Such was the case when a customer, Jordan, came to us with his phone — a sorry sight with both the front and back crushed under the weight of a vehicle.

"This phone is my business," Jordan explained, holding up the remnants of his digital lifeline. "I thought it was a goner for sure."

Our team, led by the adept hands of technician Emily, was ready to prove that even the most severe damage is not always the end of the line. The repair process for Jordan's iPhone 11 Pro Max began with the meticulous removal of the shattered front screen and back glass, ensuring no further damage to the internal components.

Piece by piece, the phone was disassembled, and with each piece replaced, hope was restored. The precision with which Emily fitted the new parts was akin to a surgeon, her focus unwavering until the last screw was tightened and the final test confirmed success.

When Jordan returned to collect his phone, the transformation was undeniable. The iPhone 11 Pro Max gleamed as if just out of the box, its functionality seamless. "I can't thank you enough," Jordan said, genuine awe in his voice. "You've not just repaired a phone; you've salvaged my entire workflow."

At Mobile Defender, such restorations are our daily victories — a testament to our commitment to superior service and technical excellence.



A freshly-repaired iPhone 13 Pro – as good as new!
10 October 2023

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